Unique objects

Vincent Collin was born in 1963, and lives and works in Paris. His father, an advertising executive, provided him with his very early education on regular trips to flea markets and he became aware of objects and began to explore the decorative arts. In 1991, he met Olivier Gagnère who taught him about materials, rigour, precision and simplicity. In 1995, he designed his first collection of ceramics, furniture and lighting.

Vincent Collin works with bronze and cast or beaten metal to achieve simple lines. The idea behind the shape is enhanced by the absence of unnecessary decoration. The hand-crafted finishes and patinas add extra soul to each individual object, making it “unique” - an object-cum-sculpture. His ceramic vases combine curves and staggered elements to create shapes which defy the laws of gravity.

Vincent Collin’s work can be found across the world in several French embassies and hotels, as well as in private residences.

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