Candlestick HOT


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At first glance, one would qualify the candelstick HOT as baroque, but its round, sensual lines are completely today. It is an object that fits just as well in a contemporary environment as in a more traditional apartment of good taste. There is a feeling of complete merging, almost as if the candelstick melts at the same time as the candles.

Its originator Pucci De Rossi entrusts : "I wanted eloquent lines for this candlestick. I conceived it with lightness to organize a maximum of candles in a sober but elegant way."

Polished cast aluminium

Signed and numbered

Limited edition of 25

Height : 20,1"

Width : 13,8"

Bibliography :

Pucci de Rossi, by Jean-Louis Gaillemin

NORMA Editions, 2017

Reproduced on pages 319 and 336

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