The little prince of design

Jean Boggio was a trained jewellery maker and goldsmith when he opened his workshop in Lyon in 1984 and produced his first pieces. His “Palace” rings and “Jungle” boxes earned him a loyal following among collectors.

A multi-faceted, multi-skilled designer and an artist-cum-craftsman with a command of almost all the techniques required to produce his creations, he very quickly developed a dream world populated by turns by a varied bestiary or fairies and elves, troubadours and acrobats, earning him the nickname “The Little Prince of interior decor”. Jean Boggio defines himself as “a dream-maker and storyteller”.

Jean Boggio is much in demand with major French manufacturers. He can turn his hand to furniture design, glassmaking or ceramics. A consummate master of colour, Jean Boggio produces baroque, fantastical pieces drawn straight from tales and legends - this is where the dream element can be found.

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