Dinner set BARILLET


990,00 € TVA incluse

Wall plates



For 7 people, a magnetic 21-piece set of tableware, including :

- 7 dinner plates (10,6")

- 7 dessert plates (8,7")

- 7 bread plates (6,3")

- 21 magnets and 21 magnet covers

- Installation and use guide with a scale poster


Diameter : 49,2"


This dinner set renovates the traditional plate-hanger by diverting its decorative function. Indeed, thanks to a magnetic disk hung in the center of the back of the plate and a magnet on the wall, each piece of the dresser is available at hand and usable as many times as you want by simple handling. Thus at the table, each guest has a unique plate.


Limoges porcelain – extra white kaolin

Silk screen printing in black

Resistant for daily use : dishwasher and oven

Bibliography :

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Les Ardents Editeurs, 2015

Exhibition catalogue, National Museum Adrien Dubouché, Limoges, 20 June - 19 October 2015

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